My Broken Road

Thinking of God’s will. And how easy they said it was to fall out of it. They told us to be careful, a slip and we would be out of His will. Drifting in emptiness. Till we stumbled back unto the beaten path He kept for us.

Thinking of how I would worry at every stumble, too easy to cry, too many tears. Sure I was so far gone from His plans I’d have to search the world to find Him

Except His word says He wrote my days before I was born. Knows my steps, knows my ways. I realise I’m never truly lost, never out of His plans, because He saw everything coming.

There’s never a day when He goes ‘oops, I missed that one’ Realise it’s all part of His plan. The plan that helps me execute His will. The speed bumps,  the bruises,  the hurts and tears, He could stop them if He chose, block them if He willed.  But He knows they temper me. Humble me. Break me. Mould me. He knows they make me.

My circumstances are His tools. This Potter’s tools. To make me the vessel He created me to be. Day 37, She loses a fight – shape. Day 75, She got hurt – mould. And on and on till I begin to take shape. Right about the time I realise life is no fun without Him: His words, His presence, His love

I look back at my broken road, all the places where I was sure I fell off the path. And I see a trail, a clear line, I see His footprints beside, I realise – He has the map, He always has, I was never lost, I was never alone. I will never be alone.

My life. His will. Always. In everything.