My Official First Post!!!!

So….I’m finally starting my blog! My own real live blog!

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but  I fussed and faffed and rolled over and forgot about it.

Finally, a series of experiences (which I’ll share in due course) forced me to re-examine my life, my purpose and my direction. I am a writer, I love to write, I’m always scribbling something, Twitter is my latest addiction, I have no excuse for not putting my writing to coherent and evolving use, and get my act together.

So here it is. My blog. Menoword. To just get it out of the way, I’ll tell you what Menoword is. Meno is a short form of my native name, and Word? Well I’m a writer, I work with words…and Menoword sounds so much cooler than Menowords or maybe Menowrites…hmm…that’s an idea…no I’ll stick with Menoword…although….

Anyway, Menoword is also my way of talking about my faith. Meno in the Greek means to abide. It’s my way of saying I abide in God’s word…He’s the source of my inspiration, and all else that concerns me, and I’m learning to live my life acknowledging Him, honouring Him with my words and my choices.

So, Menoword it is.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on these pages, I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. I hope you will share your experiences with me. And I hope that we will somehow work together to make ourselves better people as we live lives full of purpose and success.

Mehn! Opening a blog is not easy sha…so may things to click and select and choose, I got tired and left most of it off. Plus I was using the whole select this n that process as another way to delay writing this blog…dragging my feet again as it were. So I’ll be working on it as time goes on, adding bits and pieces as I become more familiar with everything, and generally working hard to make it much better.

So…that’s it for now. Thank you for stopping by and do come back soon and many blessings!