Shine Bright Like A Diamond Comes To Mind


I used to wonder at the people who constantly write kfb on people’s posts. The ones who seek likes or mentions or re tweets.

Recently it occurred to me that many people feel invisible. And so they seek visibility by trying to get other people to see them, with the hope that when these people – richer or more beautiful or more popular – notice them, then theybecome visible, people worth seeing

This is the thing though. You are enough all by yourself. As you are. You hold nations and destinies within you. God’s power was at work to create you. Only you o! You are enough. And you don’t need anyone’s validation to make that true

I understand this because it used to be me. I felt that if I dated or befriended someone popular enough or powerful enough, then I, by association,  would become powerful and popular. I sought the attention of the alpha people, because I hoped through them I would become an alpha. Of course this meant that when there were conflicts, I was afraid to confront or speak up, because if I lost those friendships or relationships, I would lose myself. Guess what, I lost them anyway. And guess what, I didn’t die.

God put me through a process that served to highlight just how much He has put in me. I’m more and more aware of the grace I carry, of the power within me, of the I AM whose I am. And as I absorb that understanding,  more and more I realise how little I need people to validate me. Because…I am enough. More than enough actually.

Guys, we are all alpha people. The difference is, some know it… and some do not

You must nurture your light. You know when the Bible says ‘Let your light so shine’ the reason why many of us don’t shine is because we have dimmed our lights to near extinction. We don’t see our lights, we don’t tend our lights, because we are too busy chasing others…trying to get them to illuminate us.

If they don’t see you, they are not meant to. Your only source must be the Father of Lights Himself. The Origin of all lights. And guess what He sees you…even at your dimmest…Most feeble…He spots you as easily as a beacon shining from the top of a lighthouse. It doesn’t matter if the world considers you invisible, He sees you.

Allow that sink in.

Allow THIS sink in…you need no one’s validation to exist. Someone’s recognition of you doesn’t make you more or less a reality. The only one, apart from God, who needs to see you is, guess who. yourself.

When you tend your light, when you choose to shine. ..why then a unique light begins to shine, one unlike any other.

Make it your decision to find, nurture and build your light. And then…with all that is in you…dear one…Let your light shine