So I had a somehow kinda day yesterday. Woke up determined to rest so I arranged activities to be sure that I wouldn’t end up running around like a mad hen…and everything seemed to be going well until evening. Where do I start?

Got home and decided to make a marinade for my chicken for dinner today. Got out my new made somewhere-in-Asia-with-a-name-I- can’t-pronounce blender, put in my spices, started blending and noticed that the thing wasn’t whizzing. Opened it up and lo and behold, the rubber ring had slipped into the blender and had cut into 2. Guys I started crying o. I have had that blender exactly one week. Made only 2 smoothies with it. What kinda life ehn?

After wiping my eyes I sha made the marinade, seasoned the chicken, opened my fridge and…my shelf where I keep my eggs falls out. Thank God there were only 3 eggs. All broken sha. I grimly clean up and put some fish into the oven for dinner.

Hunger is wiring me by this time and so I decide to nibble on some bushmeat I had sent for. Except the sauce seems to be veggie flavoured palm oil and one piece is distinctly spoilt.

Hmmm…I get my fish out of the oven and start eating…except the fish is bitter at one end because I think the gall bladder might have broken at some point.

At this point guys, I started to laugh…thank God that we don’t have days like these everyday. Thank God that every morning presses reset on the wahala of the day before. I will buy a new – more respectable blender, I can buy more eggs, fresher bushmeat, and clean my fish better next time.

God is still good, life is still good and no amount of series of unexpected circumstances will stop me from saying I had a good Saturday.

Have an awesome week!