I didn’t feel grateful this morning; I felt angry and disoriented and unhappy and…well, you get my drift.

Today was one of those days where you just want to stay in bed and sleep…

After some hours in the office, I needed to pop out to run some errands, and there was some seriously crazy traffic on the road. But instead of spoiling my mood, the combination of blaring horns and suffocating heat and (probably petrol fumes), got me to a very Zen place. Somewhere on the road to Wuse Market, I realised that I was at peace again, happy and centred again. By the time I got back to the office, I was a little light headed from dehydration, but I was good. So today, I am grateful for maddening, infuriating traffic.

Despite that sha, I have never been so grateful to have a day end as I was today. I was sleepy, tired and just needed to be somewhere else. So, I am grateful for the work day that ended just as I needed it to.

Third, hmmm…what do I pick? Is it the staff members who thoughtfully and kindly brought me snacks and drinks from a birthday party in their class, or the way the Holy Spirit came to my aid to ensure that I still got an incredible amount of work done? I could talk about today’s service in church, my Pastor was on fire today, she spoke, preached, prayed and declared…I literally felt things shift. Or maybe I should talk about the joy I felt when I was standing with my siblings at the door to my room, chatting and laughing, no quarrels or squabbles, no power play, just love and enjoyment of one another’s’ company. I’m grateful for all of them…can’t choose.

I could say this 5 million times and it wouldn’t be enough…God has been good to me, my loving Father has been good to me.

Goodnight guys