Guys I couldn’t type yesterday. I went on a communication log out. Abandoned my phone, BBM, Twitter, email….everything. I just couldn’t. I think I’ve just spent too many days studying and researching. I needed a break.

Ok, I’m going to do something different today…

I had a dream some time ago…now I never remember my dreams, so when I do, I treat them as significant. So anyway I had this dream yeah…I was in a market, hadn’t bought anything yet. Then someone came up to me and handed me a bag…she was very excited and assured me that it was a gift and she was giving it to me absolutely free! So I opened it, and it was a bag of bones…you know like when the butcher has scraped all the meat off and there is nothing left. I was puzzled, didn’t understand why she felt it was a big deal. She kept on insisting that she was giving them to me free. Finally, I thanked her and she left.

I was puzzled and quite insulted, was wondering why she was trying to make me feel that these bones were a big deal. I finally concluded that I would use them to make stock. However, when I opened the bag again, the bones had turned to a bag of maize or millet seeds (they looked like maize, but in my dream I called them millet) and I realized that this was much better, because I could plant them and get a huge harvest.

Now this is the thought I woke up with – sometimes, people will bring things into your life and try to make you think that they are a big deal. even though these things bring no value to you. However, God is able to take whatever rubbish comes into your life, and can turn it into something awesome, something of value or of infinitely greater promise.

I am grateful for the promise that everything has for me. That no matter what bad I encounter, no matter what mess happens, no matter what bad I have to deal with, God is able to take that, and transform it into something that will produce a great payoff for me. And that gives me rest and great peace.

Ok, I’m off now. I’m at the Heinrich Boell workshop on resource governance (I intend to tell you guys all about this shortly) awesome experience; I’m learning so much and meeting so many accomplished people. Yesterday we talked about Oil and Gas, today we’re discussing something new… I’ll post my gratitude thoughts for today later in the evening. Have an awesome day people. God bless you!