I was at dinner this evening, and noticed this waiter bustling about. He had on that funny accent Nigerian staff use in areas with lots of expats, was bustling about and making comments and asking “inane” questions. I clocked him and ignored him.

Heading to the buffet table to get my meal, I noticed him hovering around me. First he asked when I checked in, then he asked about something else and then something else. I found it all a bit too much so I was abrupt in my answer.

Again when he came to deliver me a bottle of water, there were questions and comments and again I was barely present. I just didn’t want to deal with the over familiar behaviour.

As we exited the restaurant, he was walking past us, I noticed he glanced at me and then quickly away, and I started to feel bad at how obviously unfriendly I had been. This persisted all the way up to my room until finally, I decided to go back down under the guise of something totally random, and just be friendlier.

I got back in and asked for some fruit. He offered to get me a takeaway pack and I asked why I couldn’t just use a regular plate…all of this in the friendliest voice possible without being weird.

To my shock and slight shame, this young man, the same chattering one, started to stammer as he explained that the dinner plates were not expected to go up. Make that huge shame…because I knew I had done that to him, dented his confidence in that way.

I know how it is when people and their random carelessness hurt me much larger than even they would have thought.

It’s so easy to see people only from our eyes…how they annoy or irritate or disturb us. We only see their annoying qualities or the things they do that irk us. It’s easy to forget to ask Why…to ask to see through a different set of eyes.

This is the second time today God pushed me to see through someone’s eyes. The first time ended up pretty nicely…this second left a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m not going to don the sackcloth and ashes…just make an effort to do better, to be better.

NB: I’m holding myself accountable. The reason why I haven’t posted is because of a bad laptop. It’s fixed now, and I’m back on track. Fingers crossed.



6 responses to “DOING BETTER

  1. Ohhhhhhh this! I made up my mind to see people through God’s eyes and sisteh, I’ve never felt this good in a while. I’ve been such a terrible person in the past, Kai

      • I still don’t get how he moved from friendly to nervous but dont let me be your assignment this morning lol.
        I get the entire gist tho. No time for sackcloths. MBA. We just move on and resolve to BE and DO BETTER.
        If my mama read your blog, she would be so proud of you.
        Devil just wants to drag us down with him because of one mistake.
        We resist him in Jesus name biko. Amen
        Mama= Joyce Meyer BTW haha

      • Lol. I had shot him down a couple of times earlier. So when I finally came down to talk to him he was really nervous. One of those people who perhaps is not as confident as they look. Shebi you get

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