Power failures and gratitude

Sometimes it’s easy to be grateful. An unexpected blessing, a gift…stuff like that. Some other times though, you have to choose to be grateful. A deliberate,conscious action to thank God for the things around you. Even though it doesn’t seem like there is much to be thankful for

I had a zero power situation for 4 days. No gen, no PHCN,no inverter. It was frustrating. Depressing. I gave out and threw out food. Cooked food and threw it away. And just griped. Till I remembered that there are parts of my country where this is normal. Where people do not have gens. Where power comes when power comes and they are grateful for it

I don’t know why exactly God allowed me to experience that, but I had to make myself say thank You. For an office to charge my phone. For breeze. For food that didnt spoil overnight. For somewhere to go. For the life I have lived. It sobered me. Humbled me. Silenced me.

I am reminded anew to be deliberately grateful. Thankful for all I have, all I am given and all I can expect.

I am grateful.

Tonight, as I droop off to sleep, cooled by the fan blowing on me, I am doubly grateful.

Consciously grateful

Actively grateful



4 responses to “Power failures and gratitude

  1. Sometimes we bask in our world and see priviledges as rights. Thanks for that piece, it was a timely reminder of that there’s always a reason to be thankful.
    On a similar note, you are one of my best media personalities ever and am thankful for you 🙂

  2. So
    I’m reading ur previous posts. Didn’t know u blogged too. A lady with many talents. God bless
    I remember the period , not too long ago, when it was so expensive to get fuel. U would even be scared of leaving ur gen on for longer than 10 pm. People suffered. They were buying buckets of water @ 10 naira. That night , God sent the coolest breeze and gentle rains. Maybe it was d same night u wrote this. But I remembered so much I had to be grateful for too.
    Nice post

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