One of the ways I aim to write more frequently on this blog is just to write as I think. Yes I know I said this last year but Maybe this will be the year of change. Haha! So I have 3 thoughts that I want to share…stuff that made me think

1. Last week, in the airport, I saw a mother with a toddler. His older brother was carrying a pull along kiddie bag, and so the toddler wanted one too…problem? The only other bag was Mummy’s weekend bag. Toddler didnt care o! He insisted until Mummy gave it to him. Funny thing is, toddler dragged that bag all the way to the plane, and from the plane to the arrivals terminal.

Now, with people we love and care about, we want to do the same thing. Shield them, stop them from doing the work, make life easy for them. Noble, but not always the best. Sometimes, we need to show our love for people by letting go and letting them do the work themselves. When we do, we strengthen them and give them the skills they need to do what they need to do themselves, we actually build them. Mummy helped, she carried the bag up the stairs, but that toddler felt like a G pulling that bag all by himself, and it was a learning moment for me.

2. I had a convo with a friend of mine last week, and it came to people who need to be treated badly to behave well. Commonly encapsulated as, ‘Treat em mean, keep em keen”.

I thought about this and I have decided that I want nothing to with this kind of behaviour. It is dysfunctional for someone to have to be treated badly before they know they appreciate you. I choose to be kind, giving and loving to the people I surround myself with. To be emotionally responsible to myself, I will only extend this behaviour to people who I know will value the gift of my spirit. Biko, if anybody decides that I am too nice to be appreciated, they should carry their wahala and go. I cannot and will not dishonour myself by becoming less than myself so that someone will not take me for granted. Guys, if a particular person only behaves whenever you release your personal demon, it’s not you, its them. Give yourself the first gift of the year and set them free.

3. I was walking past someone’s table when I saw her laboriously copying something from the computer to a sheet of paper. Curiosity made me stop and ask what she was doing. Her answer, she was copying down something to type for another file. 3 minutes later, she had learned copy and paste and I had learned a lesson.

Isn’t life so much harder when we don’t know HOW. How to make things work easier and better. Imagine how many years that girl had spent writing and retyping stuff that she could have copied and pasted in the flash of an eye. Ah, this year I want to learn how to work smart. I want the keys in my life and its various aspects. I need to be sure that I am not wasting time and energy to do the long way what I can do much more easily. Lesson learned

There guys, I’m off for now. I have one post I scheduled that didn’t post, so let me find it and post it.

See you guys soon and thank you so much for reading



  1. I am currently at the verge of ‘Treat em mean, keep em keen” people take me for granted too much because of my nature. It is most frustrating at work….i have a colleague i work closely with who gets on my nerves regularly. I will survive and try to be myself. I am inspired by this post. Have a beautiful day Arit 🙂

    • Hmmm hon. I had the same issue with people too. These were my tips: I noted what they did that upset me. Then I asked myself how I allowed it. My biggest problem was an inability to Say No. And when I identified that, I learned to create for myself the space I needed. I hope that helps.

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