A Sense getting note

Like the title suggests, this note is for those times when you’ve just had an experience you’re still coming to grips with. How do you deal? Enjoy reading. And be sure to share anything you’d like to add

1. Leave logic first. How do you FEEL about this issue? Sometimes we focus so much on THINKING about stuff, figuring it out, that we forget to listen to what our spirit and God are trying to teach us. So leave the mental gymnastics. Open your spirit and FEEL it out.

2. You’ve identified how you feel. Now explore why. What does it make you feel like? Remind you of? What do you feel like doing. Follow that emotional and spiritual journey to an answer.

3. Wait. Pray. Talk to your circle. Don’t suffer in silence; you don’t have perspective right now. So talk to people whose values and logic you agree with. And whose judgement you trust.

4. Remember that you were fine before. You’ll be fine again

5. Forgive yourself. You’re not superhuman or omniscient. You will miss it sometimes. Important thing is, now you know better, you can do better

6. Allow yourself feel bad sha. You made a mistake. Bad stuff happened. Mourn that. Accept the pain. Cry the tears. Punch the wall. Then bandage your hand and get over it

7. Don’t fall into the trap of changing your personality. Every nature has its good and bad sides and you are the way you are for the purpose you were born for. Don’t allow a bad experience make you feel like there is something wrong with you. Don’t decide to become a different person totally. Keep that blame squarely where it belongs : with the situation

8. What did you LEARN? Everything I’ve just written is pointless if you can’t pick ONE thing you now know. Or gained. Or dropped

9. Guess what? You’ll screw up again in future. Or something else will happen. That’s why life is a learning process

10. You know what? You go dey ok. Maybe not immediately. But definitely



6 responses to “A Sense getting note

  1. From ur shortstories on bellanaija,to EL reports to Naija politics have always been fascinated by you like I see you as my big sister in my head I didn’t even know you had a blog. Nice write up and keep inspiring us Arit. Cheers to a wonderful 2015.

  2. @Cinderella,you forgot to add the debaters.. This blog post is truely a sense getting note,i think i’ll be needing it sometime in life. i’ve stalked you ever since i found your blog on Eziaha’s blog ,you have truely inspired me greatly ..keep achieving dear
    .God’s got your back..Please do you have a youtube channel ,how can i access your videos on youtube

  3. Am d one who feels deeply and think about d issue again and again and again… I’ll leave d blame where it should be.. ‘with the situation’. Nice one

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