This post is for Susan Anyogo, let me start off by saying that. Her birthday message to me specifically requested a blog post and I was honoured and humbled by her appreciation of my writing.

I have just celebrated another birthday and guys, my heart is just too full of gratitude to God for another day, another year and another chance to celebrate it. It also made me think back to some of my most wonderful birthdays and why.

My 17th birthday, I planned a bash for about 30 people. Over 80 people came to my house, half of them had no clue who the celebrant was. They had fun, enough so that my aunty had to turn off the music at 8pm and send everyone home. Celebrations are important, and yes it is nice to be celebrated, but when someone walks by you with no clue that you are the person they are there to celebrate, there is wahala.

My 18th on the other hand was very laidback. What made it special was a visit from a cousin that I had only met on one other occasion. She came by and we cooked all day and then proceeded to eat all we had cooked. I haven’t seen her since then, but it was a day full of love or laughter.

It might have been this birthday or the next that had me make what I think was my best cake ever, a lemon cake so light and fluffy that I think it could have taken wing. Delicately scented with lemon zest, and both sweet and tangy. It was perfect

My 19th birthday had me make this giant paint bucket of the most delicious! zobo which I stored in my deep freezer. That zobo guaranteed me visitors for the rest of the week, was it by accident that all of them “mysteriously” knew I had zobo in the house. I think not!

My 21st saw 3 gifts from my mum – all of them valuable, but also so significant that I think I will always carry them everywhere I go.

The birthdays kinda stop being about the years then, but other memories take their place.

One birthday had my boo at the time take me to a restaurant I’d only ever dreamed of visiting. It was a great sacrifice because said boo was broke, but I will never remember the almost magical feeling of that night – it was a celebration of love and possibility.

And another birthday reminds me of the argument just before, when that boo wanted to buy me a gift that I thought too expensive, and my realisation that I didn’t know how to receive things of value.

This birthday will count on this list for 2 reasons. It’s the first time I have received a word from God for my year on my birthday. Now a few years ago I needed some heavy guidance, and so on the 31st of December I went to church and asked for His help. He gave me one word that guided my year and gave me all the answers I needed. And ever since I got that expo, every 31st sees me ready for a word. And I get one. However, it never occurred to me to ask for one for my birthday, and Abba being who He is, He gave me one. A birthday present that I believe will be the definition of my coming year.

The word was Unapologetic. A word fitting because many times I have felt like I needed to apologize, for God’s blessings, for the things He asks of me, decisions I need to make…and Abba, knowing that this is one thing I need to let go of, has asked me to stop. To stop excusing His blessings and diminishing them, to stop acting like other people’s opinions matter more than His. To stop feeling like this path I walk is another’s that I mistakenly found myself on. I sense a year of great changes guys, a year of awesome changes, and some surprising, maybe strange ones. But I know that the One who carries me, who has carried me, well, He will carry me through this year, in style – His way.

The second thing is that there is something I have wanted to do for my birthday every year, but it has never been possible. This year, finally, I will start off another first in my life that I have long dreamt of. It’s a surprise now o! But I will share later…when it is time

Anyway guys, time to go now. But talk soon. God bless and thank you for all the birthday love


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