So I saw a tweet yesterday; one of the Okoyes (P Squared) tweeted something about welcoming someone/something on bored (board). Someone else tweeted in response, “Rich but lack education” following which he was promptly blocked. But this is my thrust, and I’ve wondered this many times. Why do people consistently seem to look for ways to knock celebs down a peg or two? It baffles me.

I remember when Karen just won BBA; it seemed like some people got on twitter to identify, highlight and then mercilessly mock her grammatical errors. Which was amusing because basically, this woman just won a couple of hundred thousand dollars using a formidable combination of skills and displaying some very impressive PR strategies…and we’re mocking her because her English isn’t great? I see…

I thought the same with the PSquare tweet. Those guys may not be the most eloquent, but they have created a multimillion dollar business empire with sweat, complicated dance moves and songs so simple that the average 2 year old can sing them with ease. We mock them, and then when we are done, we hear Personally and attempt to twist our bodies into painful contortions in a bid to dance along…reinforcing the success of their business strategies and helping to make them even richer; again, I see…

Now I’m not talking about good natured yabs…those are perfectly normal and should even be expected. If as a public figure no one is yabbing you, you are not yet visible, but the relentless aggression, mockery and so on…well in my opinion it is more reflective of the speaker than the one spoken of. Just putting that out there.

Next…TD Jakes, Tyler Perry, the million dollars and the anointing…

So I popped over to Bella this afternoon and there was a piece on the topics listed above. If you haven’t read it, just click here.

Anyway in the comments section, some people were arguing about whether it was proper or not and so on and so forth and some people made comments to the effect that “Well, I’m a regular person, would TD Jakes let me lay hands on him? I bet he wouldn’t; Tyler Perry donated 1 million dollars and so TD Jakes let him; it was purely mercenary”

I’d like to share my opinion on this

Tyler Perry might have gotten that access because of his position, but that doesn’t make TD Jakes mercenary…it’s just the reaffirmation of a basic fact of life. The first part of Proverbs 18:16 says that a man’s gift makes room for him. Now I have always interpreted that verse 2 ways – first that a man’s ability or talent will create opportunities for him, but also very literally, that a gift in your hands will create opportunities for you. It is common practice – if you’re meeting someone that you admire or seek access to, you put together a gift (not a bribe please), an expression of their value in your eyes, it helps to make the right impression…also, when companies are trying to gain a new client, they will often put together gift baskets filled with selections from a carefully researched list of said potential client’s personal preferences and send them “With their sincere regards”…anyway I digress.

My point is, any way you choose to look at it, it is life – access is created based on what you carry – inside and outside. Alhaji Dangote can make a request of any government in Africa and see it granted, simply because of the immense weight he carries, and the possibilities that open based on acquaintance with him.

Even as we are, there are certain people who have more access in our lives than others, simply because of their position on our personal scale.

Was TD Jakes so overwhelmed by the $1 million cheque that he was willing to let Tyler Perry do anything he felt like? I think not. But did Tyler Perry’s gift create an opportunity or an environment for him to do something out of the ordinary? I believe so.

There’s a difference.

It’s a bit…maybe naïve..maybe unkind, to simply reduce Tyler Perry’s leeway to the money that he gave…it goes beyond that. He has leveraged his every gift to the fullest and continues to do so, and it has granted him access.

I do not wish to get close enough to TD Jakes to lay hands on him, but I do intend to hone my gifts and skills to the extent that when I need to walk into certain circles or have to get something or the other done, I will be assured that those doors of access will be opened to me.