But God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of  power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)

Now I know that I, like many other people, quote that verse probably on a daily basis. However, today, something today forced me to look at it again critically and I noticed something new…

Let me break it down like this:

First, God has not given us the spirit of fear

Well, first this means that fear in you is an alien; it doesn’t belong to you and wasn’t given by God. Second, it tells me that fear is a spirit, so if it is a spirit, it can be dealt with by the Spirit of God at work in me. I am learning to recognize fear as a spirit on a mission from the devil and to cast it out by the Spirit of God. It is not of God, so fear in my spirit is never something I should entertain.

Second…and this was the one that made me excited…what He has given us – power, love and a sound mind…

Why does power come first? Because that is our default standing as a child of God…our default position in Christ is one of power. Now, imagine walking into a shop as President Goodluck’s daughter…you would walk in with the full confidence of your father’s position in leadership. So why are we so timid in our approach to life? Why don’t we carry this authority with us wherever we go?

In my opinion, and this might be true for you as well, our biggest fears come from a feeling of powerlessness, an inkling that things are happening/might happen that we will be unable to deal with/influence/change/control.

The devil literally lies to us, he hides our truth and feeds us a lie…and we believe and accept it

This morning, God reminded me of the power I have in Him, and even more, His power that is at work in and for me.

Then love…because power without love becomes a dictatorship. We would wield authority without caring for others. So God gives us love to act as the channel through which we exercise this power, thus ensuring that as we exercise our power, we do so as He would, with a heart full of love for the various people we encounter.

And then, a sound mind…or as I thought of it this morning – mental and emotional balance. Knowing the right thing to do, possessing a clear view of the world and the actions thereafter, possessing the skills to effectively and correctly assess what needs to be done as it needs to be done.

I saw this verse through new eyes today, and it just gave me a boost in my spirit. Many of the things we face come from ignorance of our rights, possibilities and privileges in Christ.

Today, God opened my eyes to just one of many…I hope it blesses you like it blessed me.


11 responses to “FOR GOD HAS NOT GIVEN US…

  1. Many thanks for this post…one of the many scriptures I pondered on today. You actually brought a brand new revelation from it. You really did bless me with those truths. God bless you real good.


  2. I love this message and I will love to add that when God says that He has not given us the spirit of fear it means there’s a substutitute for fear, it means He has provided faith for all man and with faith comes power and a man with faith and power is a man of love because with this two forces, he begins to help people and to help means to love because you can’t help those you don’t love. Then man will be a terror to the devil because he (devil)knows no love and the word love weakens him and lastly, man obtains a sound mind because God will begin to order and direct his steps in the knowledge of things that was hidden into revelation.

  3. Oh hon, just reading your post this blessed September 1st sunday morning has genuinely blessed me and opened up my mind to appreciate the power of God’s word in the topical verse you have shared from 2 Timothy….
    God bless you dearie +

  4. This post was from 3yrs ago I see but as fresh as God’s word always is, it has blessed me this evening. “conversations with One” is how I visited your blog this night (No, this isn’t my first visit) and here I am. Everywhere I look am just being reminded of Who I am in Christ. And this hit home especially more this night where am feeling low and beginning to diagnose myself of some form of depression, for being unable to complete a task the which I must…. This is a long comment I knw, bear with me. You just don’t knw how Abba has used this to lift up my spirit and heal me… Thanks for sharing, and please don’t hesitate cos He is reaching out to His own thru u. Remain blessed.

    • I’m glad to hear any post blessed you Oge. That makes me so happy. I wish you the very best with what you have to complete. I pray strength and peace to you and ask that God make His presence abundantly felt in your heart

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