So I’m sitting here, listening to the prayers from the mosque down the road and asking myself why the heck I’m still awake…but it is beautiful though, there’s an awesome breeze coming through my room and there is something about the thought of people who have put aside sleep to pray.

Today I went out with my sister and my friend and my gratitude bits for today come from the outing.

1. I had an evening of uncomplicated fun. Me and 2 of my fave girls out, listening to karaoke, chatting, playing with our phones, pretending to be back up singers…there was no drama, no need to put up airs or present an impression, it was simple and it was fun.

2. We put a little money in our bags and were able to order what we wanted, knowing that we could pay for it. Guys, you won’t understand this if you’ve never been out with someone, nervous about ordering because you know that you don’t have a dime on you. It was lovely to make our orders, knowing that we had enough in our wallets to cover it. Financial independence is a blessing.

3. I got in a cab and got home…safely

4. I got home, made myself a mug of tea, walked into my slightly messy room and heaved a sigh of sheer happiness. My space, arranged (or disarranged my way)…I am grateful for this.

5. And one more thing, I tried to log on only to discover that my internet had been exhausted again, and for a minute all I felt was blinding rage…I started to think of budgets, was thinking up several choice words to express my opinion of the finisher of my internet when this quiet thought came into my spirit “You can afford to renew it” and I calmed instantly. Just a short while ago, I couldn’t even afford internet…then when I finally got it, I could only afford to renew it once a month and if it finished before the next month…toh. Today, I realised that I could afford to renew it, and yes, it might mean putting off one or 2 purchases, but I can afford it…guys I don’t know about you, but thoughts like these just serve to bring my mind back to just how far God has brought me…how much my life is changing, in these fairly simple ways.

The bottom line of today’s gratitude was simple pleasures. These by themselves might seem like little things, but they are the little things that add the extra to my life…my outing, my tea, my friends, my laughter…the ability to exist in the moment and not worry or stress…I find myself stripping away a lot…drama, stress, unhappiness, confusion…a lot of the extra drama that we take on might not be as necessary as we assume they are. Life as it is, as it was today, well it was beautiful…simply beautiful. And I am grateful for that.



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