I’d like to share some thoughts that gave me great comfort today and reminded of just how much I am loved by God. I was lamenting to Him this afternoon that I don’t love Him like I should and this is what I got back. “You do love Me, but you’re learning how to live a life of love to Me. When you quarrel with a partner or a friend or a sibling, when you ignore them instead of listening or brush them aside or get irritated, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, just that you need to learn how to live that love…it’s a process”

Guys this thought comforted me, it settled my heart and put a smile back on my face. I grew up in a Christian environment that tended to praise performance. I am learning to exist in God’s love. To be a child of love. To accept the unconditional love that He lavishes on me. I’m learning not to judge myself by my successes or failures, but by the steadfastness of His love for me…that’s grace isn’t it…that is the beauty of grace

And then, some minutes later, I didn’t even realise that I was worrying about a decision I needed to make. However, I slowly became conscious of another thought – that God is not some mean old guy sitting with a scornful expression and a big stick, waiting for me to make a mistake. He promises to guide and lead me. He promises to show me the way. And if I go off track, He promises to bring me back on the correct path. God is committed to my – to our – success. It gives Him no pleasure to see us fail.

Finally, remember when I asked that question this morning, about what to do when you get the chance to do the stuff you’ve always dreamed of. Well, I had to ask myself that recently, and the answer wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I agonized, pondered and couldn’t shake off a niggling worry. Finally, I realised that the issue wasn’t what the decision itself, but rather, how it would change my routines. I realised that I would be leaving my comfort zone and entering a whole new dynamic of operation…and it scared me, because I had become used to the way life was.

I never want to become so used to comfort that I forget adventure. I never want to become to set in my ways that I hesitate to break loose and head off in another direction. There is a life available for the living, and I do not want to spend it from the safety of the rocking chair on my front porch. I want to be out there, whooping it up and wringing out every minute that life has to give. I want to Live Out Loud…and I thank God for yet another opportunity to go right ahead and do just that



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