SO! Today has been an awesome awesome day. Although I’m a little bummed that I missed the first session of the HBS resource governance workshop, today was such a rewarding day that I didn’t feel so bad about it.

First ehn…only God can keep a human being going the whole day on 2 hours of sleep and no food. Honestly…it’s been a while since I ran that unholy combo but today was such that I couldn’t take the time til dinner time. But I was fine, I got to do what I needed to do and I am grateful for that.

Next, I’m grateful that all the studying I did paid off…I got to do the task that I was reading up from and even though I am pointing out to myself all the places where I could have done better, I am grateful because I could also have done worse.

I am grateful that I got to enjoy a whirlwind visit to Lagos…I love Lagos…something about it makes me want to write and take pictures. There’s so much vibrancy that it seems that one must chronicle every second so that it is not lost. Add that to the fact that I am just excited about getting to take another trip so soon after the last one. I’m just a happy bunny.

I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I did today..I can’t wait to share the details with you, and I thank God for the opportunity. I thank God for the lovely salads I had for dinner…lovely stuff. I am grateful for my beautiful hotel room, I like hotels and this one is especially nice. I am grateful that God came through for me so many times and in so many different ways today. Doors opening that I didn’t knock on and answers to prayers that I hadn’t even prayed; ease all around. I am grateful for the means to do all l the stuff I did, for the beautiful beautiful dress I got to wear today…for the funds to get stuff that I needed…today was insane…it was busy but it was a truly wonderful day;I feel very fulfilled.

I’m off to bed. If I yawn any harder I might swallow the laptop and then there would be no more gratitude notes.

Have an awesome night (or day)  guys. God bless




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