I have an early flight and a packed day tomorrow, but guess who is sitting down, eyes glued to the computer, trying to cram an 2 weeks worth of information into one brain…yup… moi.

Anyway, I took a break to update this quickly before I forget again…hmmm…so what am I grateful for today….

Well, I am grateful for friends in need. I had a situation today, called up a few friends and meyne…they started pulling strings, making calls, organizing stuff…it was a relief to have everything sorted out without me needing to even leave my house. I am grateful first for friends that can be called in a crisis, I am also grateful that God eased my situation so easily and smoothly…it was awesome.

Secondly…I am grateful for the brain God has given me. I love to study and love to learn and it seems that I am constantly absorbing new information. On day like this when I need to learn many things really quickly, it is a blessing to be so quick to grasp, and God has oiled my brain, it is ticking along, grabbing information, digesting, arranging…I am grateful.

God taught me something today, I was reading 2nd Kings. It is the story of Elisha and when his house was surrounded by the Syrian armies. He asked God to open his servant’s eyes so he could see the armies of heaven surrounding their valley. You know, I feel that many of our issues as Christians are because we don’t see…we don’t see the resources available to us, we don’t see the future open to us, we don’t see God’s protection, God’s favour..when we see beyond what is visible, there is a peace that descends on our souls, we receive renewed vigour, we know that everything will be fine. I was very grateful for this thought, because sometimes I get worried, or I start to panic, or I get distracted and lose my focus…I have asked God to keep this in my consciousness, that He should open my eyes to the things beyond the things that I see, and that they will continue to act as my motivation and assurance.

I am grateful for my awesome baby brother who ironed my clothes for me to make sure I studied. I am grateful for pounded yam and white soup, made the way my mom makes it…I promise you that I ate my meal and just like Elisha’s servant I saw stuff…I saw angels and heard the heavenly choir singing…it was that awesome. I’m grateful for this time of refreshing…taking time out to write this has helped to recharge my batteries…okay then, back to studying…wishing you all a blessed and fulfilled week!


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