Busy, busy busy weekend! Stuff after stuff after stuff. I didn’t schedule my yesterday properly which is why I didn’t write – didn’t plan a proper time to write and so it kept being bumped as stuff came up.

I’ve had a good weekend and so many moments came up with things that I am grateful for.

1, I enjoyed being at Jabi lake this morning. Jabi Lake is  an artificial lake here in Abuja and is very popular during weekends when people go there for picnics and boat-rides. I only ever go in the afternoons but this morning, when I went there, it was amazing to see so many different people there playing tennis, practising martial arts, buying and selling, zumba, football…it was lovely! Almost like I walked into this secret place I didn’t know existed. I’m grateful for that.

2. I’m also grateful for the opportunity I had to play some football. I ran around and reviewed my (meagre) stock of football skills, but it was a very enjoyable way to spend my Saturday morning.

3. Today, I had a barbecue with my friends. It took us almost the whole day to get a fire going, and we were on the verge of cutting ourselves and jumping on the barbecue in the manner of Baal’s priests in their fight against Elijah. Fortunately, we finally figured it out and enjoyed a lovely barbecue as a result. I enjoyed seeing that nothing is impossible for people who are determined to try. We laughed, we teased each other, we nibbled on chicken and the preparation was as much fun as the results. Look I got so many life lessons from the whole process ehn, that it should probably be a blog post of its own.

4. I am grateful that I am able to do the things I enjoy with people I enjoy being around. It is a blessing to have fun and find laughter in the things that one is doing.

5. I am grateful for opportunities – next week, I get to take part in 2 interesting and challenging activities and I am looking forward to it! I thank God that He regularly brings things into my path that build me and force me to stretch!

6. I am grateful for the week that I have had. It has been a whirlwind one, activity packed up to the very last minute, but it was wonderful.

I am also grateful for my lovely cab guy who patiently picks me up and takes me wherever I need to go. I am grateful for the opportunity to run through the rain this morning like a child, it was fun! I am grateful for the friend that took me to the shop tonight despite the fact that it was out of her way. I am grateful for the life that I have…I am blessed to have this level of satisfaction in the things, activities and people around me; I do not take it for granted.



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