So I’m chilling, rolling around, going on Facebook and generally just being a lazy bum when I realise that I haven’t written my post for today. You know though, I know that God did it that way because He wanted to give me another reason to be grateful.

I just finished a long talk with a dear friend of mine and wow! I am fired up, excited, motivated, challenged…gimme a word and I’m it! Can I say how  grateful I am for a God who knows what you need when you need it? My friend Switch is on fire for God…she’s a militant (not literally o!) she lives life with all of her heart and she has carried that fire and passion into her relationship with God. Listening to her today talking about how favoured, how blessed, how grateful she is…well, my own iron started to sharpen and before you know it, we were both just rejoicing and exclaiming over how good God has been to us.

Then, can I also say how grateful again I am for friends that can celebrate you? I spoke to 2 friends today and both of them were probably more excited than I was over the news that I was sharing with them. Isn’t it awesome to have people like that? May God help me to continue to be as passionate and excited for my friends’ successes as these dear friends were for mine.

Another reason this phone call excited me, when God brings someone into your present that knows how you were in the past and who can share with you all the different wonderful things that God has done in your life. As we talked about our growth and journeys, it was wonderful to be able to chart my progress with someone who knew me before and who would know exactly what I am talking about when I talk about the different changes that have happened and are happening.

Final reason this call was a big deal. Just before she called, I was feeling a bit down. I thought about some mistakes I had made and was beating myself up for them. I tend to do that a lot – God is working on my tendency to self-judge and is teaching me how to develop the same amnesia He has about my sins but I am occasionally a slow learner with some of this stuff. So anyway, I was grieving a bit, worrying a bit and generally not being productive with these emotions i.e. handing them over to God, trusting His grace and asking for an opportunity to make things right if necessary. Then my friend called and she mentioned a mistake she made, and how she prayed a simple prayer and left it, and how God fixed it. And a light bulb went on in my head; it was exactly what I needed to be reminded of.

I am grateful for that call and for all the things that God used it to teach me. I am grateful for a God that always provides opportunities to help me to be better. I am grateful for the opportunity to be excited about my relationship with Him – not logical or reasoned or rational, but unapologetically, wholeheartedly and overwhelmingly crazy about Him; the way He is about me.



6 responses to “DAY 18 – GRATITUDE JOURNAL

  1. I too am very grateful for the call that led to this post…& of course, the post itself. I was in kinda the same place yesterday, I think I even woke up with some of it.

    See, Satan, he’s a wiley character! A couple of weeks ago Abba spoke to me in different ways about trusting Him with everything. I thought it had sunk in…until now. It has just dawned on me that I was being attacked …in my thoughts.

    Infact, the things Abba is telling me now, my fingers are a bit to slow (& this comment’ll be too long) Lol.
    Lemme just go & bask in His love.

    Thank u sweetie. Don’t stop sharing. U sharpened me too! 😀

    • I’m so glad hon. I know what you mean about the thoughts…and they’re usually so subtle that you don’t realise it until they’re deeply entrenched in your psyche. I’m grateful to God that He always has a way to get us out and take us through

  2. I know that feeling. I can too identify with just having the richest most enriching and satisfying discussion over the phone with a bestie or friend. Priceless. Friends that know how to drop the Word like its HOT. I am too convinced that I am blessed with the very BEST of friends and Pastors. Amazing Amazing people. I can also identify with sharing good news and having your friends rejoice with you. The feeling is priceless abeg. Again, I have the BEST and I dare same I am also the best kind. Kai!!! I am a sucker for testimonies. I’m addicted to good news. God!!! I can rejoice for Africa. Recently a friend gave me the most cheery news I have received in a while. It had to do with her marriage/wedding plans. Ahhhhh!!! I was tumblin’ flippin’ excited ooo. I still am.
    I’m really grateful for good friends and the great priceless moments we share together.

  3. Sis, there is nothing more refreshing than looking into those mirrors that show you snapshots from the past next to snapshots your current self. Those people who appreciate that you have been through the fire and come out a sanctified, more authentic version of yourself. The self that was always there, just buried beneath all the dirt. I think the blessing in these relationships, is that at their best, at their purest they are all about reciprocity & they are timeless.

    • You’ve got that right Sis! I am blessed to have a number of people like that in my life and we act as mirrors for one another, showing each other the wonderful strong, beautiful people that we are becoming

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