I’m not feeling too great today, so I spent most of the day in bed. I am quite tempted to feel sorry for myself, but then I  remember that a beautiful little girl – Talia, died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. If you haven’t read her story, you must. Google Talia Castellano to learn more about this incredible girl. You know, we get the sniffles or a cough and we tend to get cranky and ungrateful and frustrated, but people live with conditions that keep them at death’s door day after day…and reading about this girl’s beautiful spirit, the way she turned her life into a ministry of love and light…well, it forces me to be grateful, for life, for health and for the many other things I take for granted.

I’m especially grateful for my little sister, who made me a batch of peppered gizzards and honey glazed chicken wings. So I’m sitting here, munching away happily and feeling the excitement that comes only from eating stuff you truly enjoy.

Finally, I’m grateful for the message I got today from a wonderful person called Ify. When I started this blog, I struggled a little with how much of my Christianity I wanted to talk about. I didn’t want to come across as someone impossible to relate with, I didn’t want to paint a picture of a Christian life that was more fiction than fact and (I’m going out on a limb here) I was a bit concerned about coming across as a fanatical, nothing but my truth kind of person. I am grateful that God has shown me how to discuss my relationship with Him as it is, my mistakes, my blessings, my lessons and much more. I am learning how to celebrate my God connection, to share His goodness, His faithfulness and His unfailing love. I’m not the best Christian in the world, but I am learning to be an honest one, and I grow daily in Christ . So Ify’s very kind comment made me grateful – to her for sharing and encouraging me, and to my patient Teacher and Friend who is teaching me daily just how our relationship should be.

Ok guys, I’m done for today. I only just realised that its past 11 and so I shouldn’t be eating at this time anyway. I’m off to make a hot cup of tea and then read a bit of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – the 3rd book in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo set. Amazing books.

Thank you as always for reading my thoughts. God bless you


8 responses to “DAY 17 – GRATITUDE JOURNAL

  1. You always have a way of touching someone or affecting someone positively.
    I don’t know what I like most about your writings, perhaps its the honesty in it.

  2. Awhhhh, how really nice of you Meno to have mentioned me in your post. Thanks Sister. I am grateful to God that I have blogs like yours to read and specifically for your writing which inspires me to let go of the little things that irritate me daily and Let God use those little things to teach me how to be more like Him.
    Peace and God bless ++

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