I’m home! Home – isn’t that a wonderful word? That place you go to where nothing matters and everything is fine – no matter what is going on outside. I’ve come to appreciate home – not just the physical space of it, but the people in it – my family that lavishes love and acceptance on me and reminds me without words that I am unequivocally and unconditionally loved. So I’m home, in my bed, after a long chat with different members of my family, after laughter and gist and hugs, and even though I have only been away for a weekend, I feel as welcomed as if I had been gone for months.  I’m grateful for my family.


I’m also grateful for the opportunity to travel. I have restless feet and God blesses me every so often with the opportunity to get on a plane and go somewhere. Not so much that I stop appreciating it, but not so rarely that I become frustrated and indifferent. I love airports and luggage carousels and coming down from plane steps. I love the route out with my knapsack on my back and my faithful olive-green and brown suitcase that has followed me everywhere for the last few years. I love reading in planes and watching the mad scramble for the aisle as soon as the plane comes to a stop. I love to watch the ground gradually appear or disappear and note the features of the ground below me depending on where I am. I love the moment when the plane takes off and when the wheels re-establish contact with the ground. I love those silent moments when I’m in the clouds and it feels like I am passing through a cocoon of whiteness and I am sure that if I keep my eyes resolutely focused outside I might catch a glimpse of my Abba. I love to travel, and I am grateful for my trip.


I enjoyed Calabar – the lushness and the greenness of it. I drove past one place and there were people sitting on the grass, doing nothing more than watching life go by. I loved watching the vendors with their outdoor barbecue grill thingies roasting all sorts of meats. I enjoyed the monuments and how they depict culture. I longed to be able to read Nsibidi…perhaps I will still learn. It was hard to deal with the drizzle at first, but I remembered how easy it is to walk through the fine mist and feel like someone is gently dehumidifying the world around you. It was a lovely whirlwind visit and although there are many people upset because I didn’t get to see them, I hope to do so soon.

English: Calabar.

English: Calabar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I have just finished a lovely cup of my loose leaf tea; it’s a mixture of Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and some others I can’t remember…I love tea. I feel deeply and completely content with the beauty and wonder of life. I hope you all had a good day too. Have a blessed night; see you tomorrow



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