So yet again I’m sitting in bed, typing and thinking longingly about sleep time which will be in about 30 minutes. I don’t know about this new early bird me…my night owl credentials are about to be shot right out the window with all this pre-midnight sleep. *sigh*

I had an awesome day today, very busy again but lots of fun.  Gosh that last yawn caused a mini whirlwind…ok so what was I saying?

1. I got into an entirely new situation today; something new, but God guided me so totally that everything worked out much better than even I dreamed. Have you ever been in a situation where God suspends you and then takes over? You just know, you know, that everything that is happening could only be by a divine hand. Well, He did that for me today; exceedingly abundantly above all that I could have imagined. He’s an awesome God!

2. Today again, I found myself experiencing some worry and doubt…you know all those whispers that try to convince you that perhaps things are not as wonderful as you have thought them to be, that perhaps there is a dark cloud around the corner, something you missed, didn’t plan for or have no clue about. How wonderful as those thoughts came my way to be able to speak word of faith into my spirit and dispel the doubt and worry. In the last week  I have had to battle thoughts and worries, and have had cause again and again to fortify my spirit with God’s word, and I am always amazed at how much peace and calm He rushes into my spirit; gently reminding me that He is in charge and that I have no need to worry, to fret, to plot and arrange, because He is there, behind the scenes, working all things for my good.

3. Linked to the 2nd is this – I am grateful for the unknowns. Have I said this before? Well, even if I have. More and more, God leads me down paths where I cannot possibly predict what is next…and I am learning to relax and be excited about the journey, trusting that my eventual destination is His to take me safely to. Today, He dropped this into my spirit “Do not judge your destination by where you are starting from” . God is a God of mad tangents and unexpected twists and turns, but I always, always end up in a wonderful place.

Guys, I’m excited. Very excited. My Father is doing great things in my life and the lives of the people around me, and all I can do is marvel at His awesomeness. I wish you all a wonderful week; may God surprise you with something so unexpected that you just know it could only have been Him. Stay blessed.


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