Gratitude Journal

I just like the picture  – Gratitude Journal (Photo credit: limevelyn)

Can I confess? I didn’t forget yesterday. I didn’t finish working till 1am and I was exhausted. Totally exhausted. Was contemplating even leaving it off today with the promise to myself that I would write 3 days worth tomorrow. But then you know what happens, one day blends into another until  it’s Christmas Day and I barely remember that I used to write this gratitude series…

So I’m here, eyes propped open with toothpicks, room a mess but mehn…I’m grateful. I’ll write down the 6 things I’m grateful for over the last 2 days. They might not be in order but make I just write am:

1. I’m on holiday!!!! Yes! Term has ended and I’m off full duty for the next 8 weeks…doesn’t the education sector rock??? I’m grateful for my holidays.

2. I’m grateful for the Aunty in the kitchen who made me such wonderful breakfasts yesterday and today…Yesterday I had sandwiches and today I had a lovely Indian flatbread with some lovely lovely eggs. As I ate strength and vigour flooded my soul and I was revitalized. On a more serious note sha, she takes awesome care of me.

3. I had some mad deadlines this term end…and I met them all. Every single one…I can do all things through Christ honestly…because at some point it felt like I was on turbo. It all got done.

4. I am grateful again, for my friends. I gave one some good news today and without hesitation, she laughed with me, rejoiced with me, celebrated me…I don’t take things like that for granted.

5. I am grateful for some of the messages I got on this blog today. Some truly awesome people read and commented and it gave me a fresh zeal. Eziaha, Pearl Eze and Giantsparkle, thank you for making my day. BTW, I’m totally in awe of Eziaha’s creativity with her blog posts, the blog itself…it’s beautiful. You guys should check it out. Both content and visuals are lovely.

6. Today, I had a chat with one of the people who was in my office and feeling a bit down about what she felt was her place in our school. I got to talk with her and show her a different perspective…and it was lovely to see the doubt clear from her eyes and the assurance that she is indeed valued. I also got some very thoughtful gifts from parents and colleagues, and my Early Years teachers came to thank me for being there for them and “pushing them to do better”. Look guys, hearing that today made me realise how important it is  that people know when they mean something to you…it made me feel very good.

Ok, I’m off now. I’m travelling tomorrow and I never pack. Oh dear, I need to check in too…and I really need to attempt my crunches today; I haven’t in the last 3 days…last night I started but after about 10 I just lay down and asked the Lord to just come down for rapture because I couldn’t  stand up.

I’m grateful for everyone who reads this blog. I am so thankful for every single one of you. May God fill your lives with things to be thankful for.


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