So I’m sitting in my favourite chair and scoffing down some absolutely wonderful salad when I remember that I have not posted my gratitude post for today. (Have you noticed how big a part food plays in my posts? I’m such a glutton ehn). Meanwhile, I have to confess, I’m not sure of the name of the salad; might be a beef and potato salad…or something else entirely. It’s awesome sha.

Anyway, this is one of the things I’m grateful for – free food. I like food, and I have many friends who try to feed me. This makes both me and them happy. I guess what I truly have is friends who do their best to take care of me and show me how they value me. So maybe I’m actually grateful for my wonderful friends. I went out with my friend Pearl tonight, and somewhere in the middle of us both being totally silly, I realised that I am blessed to have friends that I don’t need to “form” for. They get me, I get them, we’re good.

Next, I got an awesome testimony today. I went to my eye clinic today for a consult.  The last time I did an eye test, the doctor noticed astigmatism in addition to the short-sightedness he was assessing me for.  This must have been about 5 years ago. Today, I was told that my eyes “rejected” the test for astigmatism. the optician saw it in my file and checked to see, and there was nothing to see. I do not have astigmatism anymore. Where I come from, that is called a miracle.

Third, this morning, I had an awesome prayer time. Now this shames me slightly to say, but while I have taken easily to worship, I find myself taking some extra time to become as adept at prayer. I am much better at speaking my prayers on the go and have been learning to discipline myself to consistently pray for something specific. But guess what, today I prayed and forgot the time. Lay on my floor and  prayed…and when I was done, I could not believe that so much time had passed. It was awesome, I enjoyed it and I know that God will continue to build me up as I become more and more capable in prayer.

Ok, my gratitude things for today, wish you all a wonderful day. God bless


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