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My orange juice doesn’t look so ajeboish, but it is still awesome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So I’m sitting here, drinking a bottle of fresh orange juice, with the scent from my scented candle wafting ever so gently in the room and I am in a very good place. I should be in a good place after using about 15 minutes and 5 matchsticks to light the candle…I avoid matches biko. So my room smells of Wild Pansies and I’m contemplating bringing my Chocomilo over to make my joy full.


First off, I’m grateful for the fresh juice I got; 2 bottles of freshly squeezed juice, a gift from a very thoughtful vendor at the end of the term. I’m always so excited when people give me stuff…it means they thought of me and that gives me the warm fuzzies. So I’m grateful for fresh juice (I feel so healthy) and I’m grateful for the thoughtful person who gave it to me.


Second, I looked at my boss today; she drives us pretty hard and sometimes, I get tired and angry, but today I reflected on how wonderful it was that I have a job that challenges me…I find myself viewing my work through her eyes to get insight into what needs to be fixed, changed, modified…simply put, I can only get better…I like the fact that there is something more that I can do or learn…it’s pushing me even further into excellence.


Finally, I had a need that was met, very quietly, no fuss and beyond my expectations. I had worried a bit about how I would sort it out, but God whispered peace to my heart and later on I got my answer…and I’m grateful.


Jara one – I’m grateful for unknowns. Not knowing things used to make me nervous, but then life threw a lot of unknowns my way, and I learnt that life isn’t always a carefully planned trip, sometimes you have no idea what’s around the next corner and you cannot refuse to move forward because you don’t know what’s ahead. The things I don’t know are building my faith..I’m getting better at going to God with a situation or a thought and turning it over to Him, trusting that the answers will be what is best for me.


I have a good life guys…I will say this 5 million times. Today someone reminded me of words I said to her 5 years ago, words I had forgotten, but she held on to them, never forgot..I don’t know sha…why God covers me with so much regard, but I am grateful for the honour He bestows on me, for the peace in my heart and the smile on my face.


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