So yesterday, I put on my laptop and virtuously prepared to write all the things I was grateful for…only to discover that my internet had expired. That was not the painful part…the painful part was that I had managed the internet so well that I still had like 400mb left…shebi I would’ve gone to watch Youtube videos till I had finished my MB. *sigh* Oh well, I’m grateful that my MB lasted till the end of the month; first time ever! Hallelujah!

So yesterday, I was grateful for:

1. The Sun. I do laundry every weekend and as much as I love the rain on any other day, I look for the sun on Saturdays, so I was very grateful for it

2. I spent Saturday with some friends of mine; a lovely and loving couple whose interactions always give me the warm fuzzies. I tend to be a bit careful about relationships and emotions, but whenever I watch the regard and affection and ease of their relationship, I can’t help but smile and reflect on the beauty that loving the right person can be. So I am grateful for them, they act as a reminder.

3. A friend of mine got me some lovely gifts (more gifts!) from her trip. My personal favourite is a planner she got me that will last me till December 2014. Just looking at it makes me feel all organized and arranged. It’s lovely and I appreciate the thoughtfulness involved in selecting a gift that is so perfect for me.

And today, I am grateful for:

1. New clothes!!!! I rarely ever sew or buy clothes, but lately, I was persuaded to stop behaving like a local person and go sew some ankara outfits. I went to church today feeling like a princess.

2. Today was praise and love Sunday at my church, a service devoted to just thanking God and expressing our gratitude for all He has done. I appreciated the opportunity to sing, dance, lift my hands and just pour out my heart in gratitude to God for His awesomeness to me.

3. I am grateful for my sister. I woke up today and the rain was pouring down with force and fury, I told God sleepily that I would stay home and worship Him and then turned over and started the process of going back to sleep. It occurred to me to call my sister to find out if she wanted to go to church, and she said she was. Of course shame and conviction set in and I jumped out of bed and started getting ready. And I was glad I went. So I’m glad that God used her to get me to get going.

I’m excited about the week ahead. God has so much in store for me and my family and I am just so eager to see all the wonderful things headed my way.

Ok, let me stop chewing on Chocomilo (it’s a typing aid, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), time to go skip and do crunches.



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