So I’m sitting here, chewing on some kidneys and gizzards, and totally trying to ignore the fact that I should not be eating after 7pm on this my healthy eating plan for July. I really wanted a salad but all I got was suya so *shrug* I’ll eat 2 mangoes tomorrow to make up for it

Today overwhelmed me guys…really, I was just wowed by all the beautiful things that came my way:

First, one of my kids sent me a really sweet message, and it totally set the tone for my day. It said “Ms Arit, thank you for helping to make my dreams possible”. I was just bowled over by this 7 year old who thought I was such a big deal. It humbles me, and I was (and still am) very humbled by the message

Second, I’m grateful that today is Friday. Biko, this week has been a long one and I’m excited about the fact that I can stay in bed for an extra couple of hours tomorrow. I’m grateful for Fridays and even more grateful for Saturday mornings!

Third, I got another card with a message that said “Thank you so much for listening, talking and being a shoulder to cry on. You are a blessing” Now this is a big deal because sometimes, I  get tired of being the go-to guy. People come over, they need help, want me to talk to someone, want to talk to someone…sometimes it isn’t very convenient. But today’s message reminded me of why I do it, why I should continue, why I should be grateful, because it is an opportunity to be a blessing, not a burden.

In addition to these things, I am grateful for these:

* Messages on Twitter this morning that reminded me of God’s grace and its availability to me. God’s enabling and abundant grace that doesn’t judge or diminish me. Grace that accepts me because it knows me and loves me regardless.

* I got an opportunity to put a smile on some people’s faces today, and it was humbling, especially because both times, I actually took the time to pray for direction before I acted. So I knew that I was doing God’s heart as I did.

* I’m grateful for the beautiful bottle of perfume someone gave me today – totally unexpected. It was a lovely surprise.

* Today at work, I had the opportunity to run around with a water gun, get people drenched and get drenched in turn. I let my hair down…and then I got it very wet, but I had a totally fun and relaxing Friday. How many people can say that they get to do that at work huh?

Today was an incredible day, my heart is full and I am happy and very grateful. I am a very blessed woman.


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