Ok so I didn’t blog yesterday, which really isn’t very impressive. But the reason I didn’t was one of my reasons to be grateful. So…for July 2, I am grateful for:

1. The sun yesterday. We had an event in the school where I work and we were so worried about the rain falling. See firing of prayers and re-enactment of Joshua’s command to the sun now! We had a scare when it drizzled for about 3 minutes, but it didn’t rain, we had a beautiful event and I was reminded again hoe faith is an active thing that we engage on a moment to moment basis.

2. Grateful for my friend T who came into town from Maiduguri yesterday. Grateful for her life and her protection. Not everyone that went to Maiduguri has lived to come back home and tell the stories.

And in the same vein,

3. Grateful for our friendship. We’ve been friends for 8 years now, and I am yet to meet one other person not in my family, who is as completely accepting of me as my friend T is. She accepts my quirks, has walked with me through all my ish and probably knows all my secrets. Friends like her are rare and I’m grateful for our friendship.

And today…3rd July, what am I grateful for? Hmmmm….

1. Ok, I’m grateful for the strength to get through today. I woke up tired…does that ever happen to you? And God literally held my hand through the day because ehn…I didn’t have it in me. So grateful for grace. When I was getting dozy, He would send distractions, my temper stayed even – no crankiness and I got a lot done. Grace I tell you!

2. I’m grateful for my internet…this is the first time since I got it that it has actually lasted me the entire month. And if you see the amount of research and online work I am currently doing, you’ll agree with me that internet access is a great thing to be grateful for.

3. I’m grateful for the fact that my sister does small chops. where else in the word do you get to have small chops for dinner? I’m grateful for scotch eggs, meatballs, chicken wing tips, fish fingers and all the other stuff I scoffed down greedily in the name of dinner.

God is good to me guys…He blesses me and empowers me more and more to be a blessing. And even though some of these points may seem somewhat frivolous, they make my life fun and keep it colourful…little things that make life easier and I am happy for each one.

Kai…now let me pray for strength to do my crunches and lifts and planks and things…paying for the small chops *sigh*

** Thank you for the correction Uche


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