Today on Twitter, I saw a tweet from Sophia Nelson (a woman I admire greatly) about making July a month of gratitude. She encouraged her followers to say 2 things that they are grateful for out loud to God and one other person. I decided to take this up and then take it further. I will endeavour to blog, everyday, 3 things that I am grateful about. I’m looking forward to how it will encourage me to open my eyes to all the things that God blesses me daily with. I will do my best not to be religious about this; I will endeavour to name concrete things everyday, with examples if and as appropriate. So, for the next 30 (or is it 31) days, ladies and gentlemen, friends and readers, I present my gratitude journal.

Today I am grateful for:

1. The money my mum paid me for a little job I did for her. It’s the end of the month and Arit had been looking up to heaven for a raven bearing some bread and meat. Let’s just say Mumsy is an answer to prayer.

2. I’m grateful for the weather today…it’s lovely …cool and with just enough of a breeze. I’ll sleep with my windows open tonight.

3. I’m grateful for the little child I watched today, who was doing a choreography in the opposite direction from her peers. She reminded me that there’s nothing wrong with being different or just going against the tide…and she was sooooo cute! dancing with all her heart, turning left when everyone else was turning right.

So there they are. The 3 things I’m grateful for for today. looking forward to what comes to my heart tomorrow.



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