So I’m sitting at my table, it is now 8.48pm and I have finally admitted that I am too tired to do any more work. I try not to work so late but the truth is, I’m a bit of a workaholic. I love to work…not busy work or any old paper work, but work with a target and an aim. It’s one of the reasons why I love my job so much – apart from the fact that I get to boss a bunch of people around, I’m also part of a team responsible for creating a working structure for an organization; I’m a policy maker. I mean, how cool is that???

So anyway, I’ve been typing away like mad all day (I’m working on reports), and I’ve just realized that the last 30 or so minutes have seen me more and more easily distracted, so I decided to check up on everyone, and share what I’m thinking of. Forgive me if I mistakenly assume you’ll find this interesting. Lol!

I’m happy and sad that the icecream place by my office has probably closed – happy because I’m a lactose intolerant ice-cream addict and sad because…well…I’m a lactose intolerant ice-cream addict. 

I’m thinking about my deadline, and trying to decide whether to just suck it in and finish the 5 pages to go, or go home and continue before I sleep.

I’m thinking about the wonder of sitting at my table and writing words that someone in Iceland will read very shortly. (By the way, my readers from Iceland and Denmark, you totally rock! God bless you!)

I’m taking a minute again to thank God for my life – I’m glad I get reminded of how good my life is, and I try to remind myself to never forget and to stay grateful, because when in the not so distant (by God’s grace) future, when I’m a millionaire travelling the world in my Manolos, I don’t want to ever fool myself into thinking my life was always so great, I want to remember when it wasn’t so awesome, and be grateful again for  how good it will be then. And so I guess I’d better develop the habit of conscious gratitude now.

I reconciled with a friend today, someone I haven’t spoken to in almost a year. I called, we talked and it felt good. and I remembered the Bible verse that says the end of the ways of the righteous man is peace. I’m always so glad when that verse comes true in my life. It was a silly disagreement…it wasn’t even a disagreement, just a gradual trail off into not speaking to each other, but I am grateful and relieved that I have made an attempt to restore that relationship.

Hmmm…what else…oh yeah! I’ve just rounded up a 7 day program in my church – the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, and I’m excited about the rest of the year. it’s always great to take a minute…or a day…or seven, to reflect on your life so far, appraise your steps and decisions, and then get guidance for the rest of the year, especially when I consider all the changes I’ve been through since the beginning of the year. It was an awesome time and I’m ready to take on the rest of the year!

I’m wondering what the rest of the year will bring…what surprises, what sudden twists, what new paths…and I’m thinking about the fact that I am not worried, only excited.

I’m taking a minute to be grateful for you my dear readers. In this quiet office with the whirring of the fan and the clacking of the keyboard keys for company, I’m grateful for you all, and I pray that you all have an opportunity to live your best lives now. God bless you guys.

Ok, methinks I’d better head home and stop deceiving myself. the journey from office to home should be enough time for my brain to rest so I can put in a few more hours of work before bed. 

Have a wonderful evening you guys, talk to you soon



  1. Lovely piece..”Lold” at some point..brought a smile I must say..grateful for life and all the moments it brings..thanks for sharing your musing

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